Non-governmental non-profit Foundation, established in 1994

The Medical Foundation of Moldova (MFM) is a non-governmental, politically unaffiliated, non-profit foundation, established in June 1994 with the support of the Soros Foundation Moldova upon the initiative of a group of notorious doctors led by Valeriu Ghereg, MD Ph.D., Associate Professor.

In its early years, MFM implemented programs in various medical fields, promoting current best practices in medicine, and improving the medical knowledge of healthcare professionals and the general population. The MFM activities were focused on three main directions:

· Medical Information Center (MIC)

· Specialized Medical and Health Programs

· Humanitarian Assistance Programs

The Medical Information Center provided doctors, researchers, and students with access to databases in various fields. Users were offered free access to the Internet, training in information technologies used in medicine, and assistance in editing research theses and teaching materials. In the video production studio of the Medical Information Center, a series of educational videos addressing various issues in the medical field was created and edited. Textbooks, methodical guidelines, and materials for MFM conferences were also drafted and printed.

The goals of the specialized medical programs were to: organize national and international scientific medical forums, initiate and promote progressive reforms in public health, conduct research studies and provide internship opportunities in medical centers abroad for students, resident physicians, and healthcare professionals.

The humanitarian and technical assistance programs developed by the Medical Foundation of Moldova over the years were primarily focused on medicine and health, but also involved other, seemingly unrelated fields: agriculture, forestry, irrigation, social infrastructure, environmental protection, etc.

MFM Mission

To improve, promote, and support public health and innovative medical training in the Republic of Moldova. To support socially vulnerable population groups by implementing sustainable development programs at both community and national level.

Main Objectives

· To improve the quality of services provided in medical facilities in the Republic of Moldova;

· To improve the skills of healthcare professionals by providing training, internship opportunities, workshops, etc.;

· To ensure competency in public health;

· To foster collaboration with international organizations focused on improving people’s well-being, quality of life, infrastructure, and environment;

· To develop and strengthen charity and volunteering initiatives in the Republic of Moldova.

MFM Values

· Equal Opportunities
· Responsibility
· Accountability
· Transparency
· Communication Loyalty

Target Groups

· Medical Community
· Patients
· Educational institutions
· Socially vulnerable groups
· NGOs active in the social sector

MFM Vision

A healthy community in a clean and healthy environment

Implemented Activities

As part of the multiple projects implemented since 1994, MFM:

  • Provided training to about 500 healthcare professionals. Carried out various national and international conferences and workshops.
  • Managed the distribution of medical products and equipment to over 40 hospitals in the Republic of Moldova.
  • Provided fuel to kindergartens, schools, orphanages, and nursing homes as part of assistance programs at the national level.
  • Distributed humanitarian aid to over 10,000 people (vulnerable families, orphaned children, elderly in need).
  • Offered support to over 500 farmers by providing technical and financial assistance, and by encouraging them to create small businesses in rural areas.
  • Implemented, under the auspices of the USDA, the International Food for Education Program, offering lunches to more than 350,000 children and students in 2,700 schools and kindergartens.
  • Managed the import and distribution of over 10,000 tons of food per year into the Republic of Moldova.
  • Conducted a study within the Growth Monitoring System Program involving 9,000 preschool children.
  • Managed the “Cash for Work” project at the national level for 7,000 unemployed people, which solved pressing issues in 217 schools and kindergartens and 153 communities.
  • Supported the publication of 12 books on topics such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Environment and Health, Maternity Care and Nutrition of New-Born Children, Soil Degradation, the Red Book of the Republic of Moldova, etc.

International Partners

· International Partnership for Human Development, USA
· US Department of Agriculture/CitiHope International, USA
· International Medical Corps, USA
· Open Society Institute-New York, USA
· Permanent Medical Group, USA
· Albert Schweitzer Institute, USA/Carelift International, USA
· Counterpart International, USA
· UNGA LIV, Sweden/CARITAS, Gemany

MFM staff values people as individuals and community members. Our time, skills and knowledge are applied for the benefit of people. As citizens, we are committed to country’s prosperity and harmonious development of its citizens.